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Data Visualization is a key to success when it comes to preventing violations. By better understanding the type, scope and frequency of violations, agencies can provide better technical assistance and more targeted self-assessments.



While many government agencies have already automated inspections, SansWrite takes it a step further with more natural and intuitive mini-inspections and roll-up reporting.


SansWrite includes a proprietary standard findings feature that enables agencies to produce uniform statements of deficiencies and consistent data across all teams, offices, and regions.


SansWrite's powerful data visualization tools allow agencies to monitor inspection and correction timeliness and gain insight into the type and frequency of violations.



Quality improvement starts on the front-line. SansWrite empowers managers to take ownership of compliance by conducting internal audits and measuring progress with self-assessment tools.

Risk Mitigation

SansWrite prompts compliance officers and others responsible for corrections through the process using standard corrections, which helps ensure every step is accurate and complete.


SansWrite enables leardership teams to review corrections and quality improvement activities, accross multiple sites or facilities, using a built-in multi-site access feature.



SansWrite's advanced search tool allows the public to easily find information on licensed service and care providers using physical location and proximity search features.


The review documents feature provides public access to detailed violation and correction information, so people can make informed decisions for themselves and for their loved ones.


SansWrite's Agency, Licensee, and Public Portals enable government agencies, licensed businesses and the general public to work together for better outcomes and better communities.

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