SME Program

The role of Subject Matter Expert (SME) is critical to the success of client projects, and the overall SansWrite X product. Our SME Program is designed to identify individuals with domain expertise in target industries, train them on the features and capabilities of SansWrite X, and utilize their expertise to fill knowledge gaps  on client projects.

To better understand the SME role, it is important to understand the knowledge gap. The knowledge gap is common on all types of projects, and is most evident when starting a project with a new client. Client representatives have in-depth knowledge of their job functions, but limited understanding of the SansWrite X application. SansWrite staff have in-depth knowledge of the SansWrite X application, but limited understanding of client job functions. In addition, the client representatives and SansWrite staff often have their own industry terminology which can make even the most well-intended communication challenging.

SMEs are freelance workers  who use their domain expertise, and understanding of SansWrite to bridge knowledge gaps by collaborating with the collective project team and facilitating communication. They help identify opportunities for process improvement, provide domain knowledge and project support, and author well written and descriptive standardized deficiencies.